Relief for body and soul

Massages at the Hotel Stadt Wien

Relax with a soothing massage after a tough yet lovely day of hiking or skiing in Zell am See. Our massages are both holistic treatments and a cure-all for the body, mind and soul. Our top qualified massage therapists Karin  and Viktoria cater especially to your individual needs. The warm essential oils and soothing touch give guests a feeling of inner peace and security. With calming melodies in the background, enjoy an incredible foot reflexology massage, classic full-body massage or a special healing massage taken from Chinese medicine. Let go and give into the feeling of complete relaxation. Afterwards rest with a delicious cup of tea on our sunny terrace and take a deep breath of the fresh mountain air.

We will be happy to provide consultation and our experienced masseurs will help you find the perfect treatment. We can also put together a special treatment package consisting of various treatments to perfectly suit your needs.

Massages and Treatments

Tuina - ancient Chinese healing massage
Relaxes muscles and tendons, strengthens the function of organs, regulates circulation of blood and
vital energies. Helps with tension, digestion problems, disorders of the musculoskeletal system, spinal
dysplasia, hip misalignment, ...       

25 min.
50 min.

€ 35.00
€ 65.00
Treatment based on Traditional Chinese Medicine
Physio-acupoint therapy and Tuina combined. After a thorough examination, meridians and acupoint
areas are treated with a therapy stick, moxa, negative-pressure cups and/or HCI needles. A holistic
approach to therapy.

50 min.

€ 65.00
Aroma Oil Massage
Simply designed to create a sense of wellbeing and relaxation. Jojoba oil is individually attuned to essential
oils and gently massaged in. A true gift for everyone.

50 min.

€ 65.00
Classic full massage50 min. € 65.00
Classic back massage 25 min.€ 35.00
Foot reflexology massage50 min.€ 65.00
Foot reflexology massage25 min.€ 35.00
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